Importance of English in the corporate world
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India is progressing at the rate which none other country is, except China. One of the major benefits that Indians have is the knowledge of English. Other nations have a limitation of this communication skill. But till now the command over this language is limited to the smaller section of the corporate world that get to interact with their counterparts abroad. To grow and prosper in all the spheres and become more visible in the global world, the knowledge of English language has become an important criterion.We all have the responsibility of taking India to a different level in the global arena. To contribute our bit, we, as a part of the corporate world, need to perform well in our field. To be listened and taken notice, we need to communicate well. As the world looks towards India mainly for its IT and BPO services, we need to know the language which the world understands. Communication and networking is the key to be successful in the IT and BPO industry.
Moreover, studies show that a person that is bilingual or multilingual can make a greater salary than a computer programmer or engineer. A wide range of career options open for a person having abilities in second or third language. A multilingual person, who has proficiency in English, can communicate well with the international population in the industry.  Hence knowledge of English language has also become mandatory for the personal as well as professional growth of an individual.Learning a new language, not first language of majority of the Indians, is something which requires extra effort and dedication. To be successful in the corporate culture, one needs to have a command over the smart language rather than the traditional, flowery language which was the characteristic of the past generation. Business communication requires use of simple, crisp and correct language with a focus on correct terminology and commonly used jargons.Unlike mother tongue, or the first language, second language acquisition (read English) requires a lot of interaction with the language. Grammar and vocabulary are critical part of English language acquisition. Thinking in English, excessive reading and speaking English contributes in interaction with this language.

There are two aspects of learning any new language, input and intake. Information collected when the learner comes in direct contact with the language, i.e., listening and reading constitute the ‘input’. ‘Intake’ is when the learner processes the language in a way that he/she can use it and contribute to the learning, i.e., through speaking and writing. To learn English and hold a command over it, we need to use it extensively.

Motivation and willingness to communicate in English are important to grow in the corporate world. Motivation has to be intrinsic, which means the desire to learn English has to come from within for an internal reward rather than external factors such as high grade or praise. Moreover, using the English language successfully automatically motivates an individual to use it more. One should also get rid of anxiety while learning a new language. For example, fear of being ridiculed for a mistake hampers the learning process. The more one practices the language, the more easily one can overcome such fears.

Since us as adult learners understand the importance of English language in the corporate world, we must try to achieve competency in the language. We need to learn the basics of the language within the language rules, to structure it properly and use it smartly. This means that if I am interrupted and am not able to finish a sentence, I should be able to structure it properly and complete the sentence meaningfully. This will win half of the battle in today’s corporate world.

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